Make a compost pail liner from newspaper!

origami compost pail liner


I often stuff newspapers willy-nilly into my compost pail as a sort of makeshift compost pail liner to absorb the moisture from fruit and veggie scraps. There’s already so much waste to be composed in the kitchen — it seems silly to purchase a product like compostable liners just to go and compost them. There’s undoubtedly more carbon waste generated in producing them, and besides, they’re expensive.

So I was just absolutely delighted when I saw this Earth Day tip in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle Home section! I was soon stacking up a dozen compost pail liners as I finished each section of the paper.

All set for the next couple of weeks!

How To Make Your Compost Pail Liner

Click the image to go to the article, which includes full, illustrated instructions.

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