What have you been smoking?

smoking cherries


You don’t need an expensive smoker to add a little outdoor flavor to fruits and vegetables. Just a little ingenuity.

For these cherries, I used an aluminum pan left from a catered event and a wire cooling rack. You could also use a roasting pan.

apple wood chips

I purchased apple wood chips meant for smoking foods over a charcoal or gas grill and emptied half of them into the bottom of the pan.

I didn’t have much luck lighting the chips with a match or lighter, so I put them over the grate of the gas grill, closed the hood, and waited just a few minutes until they got good and toasty.

makeshift smoker

Then, I placed the cherries on the rack over the smoldering wood chips and covered the top tightly with the lid.

smoking cherries

I set the whole thing onto a baking sheet and left it on my back porch to cold smoke for about 30 minutes.

make shift smoker

You can taste the smoke in the cherries! Quite exotic.

The pits went into ice cream, but that’s for another day.

Have you ever smoked fruit? I’d love to hear about what you smoked and how you used it.

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