Blenheim Apricot Pâte de Fruit

After many trials (and errors), more than a year after the manuscript for Farmers’ Market Dessert was tucked into bed, even after the book has been printed, I have, at long last, successfully transformed the purée of gorgeous Blenheim apricots I made and froze last summer into pâte de fruit.

After cooking down the apricots with a bit of water and sugar and then puréeing (or in this case defrosting the purée), they are weighed and an equal weight of sugar is added.

apricot puree

Apple pectin (health food store style, powdered, not in capsules) is mixed with some of the sugar and slowly added until it fades away into the mixture.

apricot puree

This is slow food. You don’t want to scorch the ‘cots, turn them dark–they will darken a bit in any case, and you certainly don’t want to damage their delicate flavor. Be patient.

After about an hour, the mixture looks like a kind of primordial soup–thick and caramel colored, with large bubbles erupting.

almost ready

When it hits the magic 225 degrees F, pour into a pan lined with lightly oiled parchment.

in pan

Let set. (It only took a few hours, but I may have been overly enthusiastic with the pectin and cooking time.) Pull the parchment from the pan and cut into pieces.

cut into pieces

Coat in sugar, shaking off excess.

coat in sugar

And voilá!

finished pates de fruit



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